'64-'70 Mustang DynaLite Big Brake Kit


Kit Features Forged Billet Dynalite 4 Piston Calipers


Wilwood’s dynalite big brake kit features 12.19” rotors and forged billet 4 piston calipers. The Dynalite brake kit is available with either red or black calipers, as well as an option for cross drilled & slotted discs. Kit also features poly matrix 7112 “T” pads which provide low brake dust, low noise & improved friction formula for fast response & high resistance to fade. This kit is a great upgrade to the disc brakes that are standard with our Mustang II Kits.

Price: Starting at $849.95


  • Requires Min. 16" wheels.

  • Specify options: Slotted, Drilled, or Zink washed.

  • For use with Ford Mustang Drum Spindle 64 ˝-73 and Mustang II Spindles,  or 64˝-ealry 67 Disc Spindles.  Call for other applications.

  • Will not work with a 68-73 Disc Brake spindles, or Granada spindles.







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Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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