Metal Wheel Tub Kit for '65-'70 Mustang. Mustang Mini Tub kit with outer wheel house.







 Outer Wheelhouse now ready to ship. See lower on page.


Autoworks Parts has designed a mini tub kit for your Mustang 1964 1/2 to 1970 that will allow you to fit 20x8.5” or 18x10" wheels on the back of your Mustang. (Wider wheels may be possible depending on backspacing of wheels and rear end width). works great on Falcons and later Mustangs too from what our customers have told us

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This heavy 16g "Made in the USA" sheet metal wheel tub kit replaces your stock inner wheel house and gives more room during articulation, thus allowing larger wheels without having to sacrifice your back seat or do any messy cutting of the frame rails. Standard inner housings have a “U” shape that restricts wheel size, our kit alleviates that by squaring it off and adding depth that extends to the frame rail. Installation is straight forward and will require cutting and welding. Fabrication is required. We suggest professional installation or advanced home builder, we can walk you through the install process if you want to do it your self.

  Please Note:

      1. 65-66 Interior quarter panels may need minor massaging to fit in place.

      2. Fabrication may be required for Trunk Hinge lower support bracket.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to trim the fender “lips” to assure maximum wheel clearance, but be sure not to cut into factory spot welds.

Mini Tub Kit includes drivers and passengers inner wheel tubs

Part # AWI-MTKI64-70

Price: $319.95 

Now available: cut to fit outer wheelhouse tubs. They come rolled to the same curvature as the Mini Tubs and 7" wide. Giving you a total width of 14" at your widest point when combined with the inner Mini Tubs.

Outer wheelhouse kit

       Part # AWI-MOWK64-70         

Price: $79.00

Complete inner Mini Tub and Outer Wheelhouse Kit  

SAVE OVER $20.00 when ordering a complete kit!

                                              Part # AWI-MCWTK64-70M

     Price: SAVE $378.95 

Available options: If you want us to make a custom width other than our standard 7" on both the Mini Tub Kit or Outer Wheelhouse Kit add $60.00 to your order price. These will be custom built for you to the width you specify.

Part # for a custom wheel tub kit: AWI-MCUSTWTI64-70

Price: $379.95

This product is unique to Autoworks Parts and you won't find it anywhere else.

PowerTV's StangTV Mark Gearhart has completed a sweet Mustang rear suspension install featuring AUTOWORKS MiniTub kit! With new pictures, instructions and recommendations, you can see our Mini Tub kit in great detail.USE  VIEW THE INSTALL PICTURES AND VIDEO


Click here for Install Pictures

Stock Wheelhouse Autoworks Mustang Wheel
Tub Kit (mini tub kit)




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