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Total Control’s second generation g-Bar and g-Link systems represent the current state-of-the-art in canted-4-bar suspension design. The g-Bar system consists of three different combinations of upper and lower link bars with your choice of coil-over shocks or ShockWave® air springs. These options create six different variations to better suit your particular performance application. Each can be used with our vehicle-specific bolt-in FAB9™ housing or the vehicle’s existing housing.
Model Year
Cougar 1967-1970
Mustang 1964-1970
Adjustable Geometry
Upper and lower suspension link mounting brackets feature multiple positions to adjust chassis anti-squat and optimize vehicle handling. Upper links are length adjustable to set pinion angle and suspension preload if needed. g-Link lower arms are also adjustable for wheelbase variations and precise housing alignment.

Adjustable Shock Mounts
Billet aluminum double shear lower shock mounts bolt directly to the back of the lower control arm bracket and provide 4-1/2 inches of ride height adjustment. The three-position upper shock mount allows additional ride height adjustment, with the ability to provide increased stiffness for improved cornering or softer ride without changing springs.

System Options: VariShock coil-overs or ShockWave® air springs;single- or double-adjustable valving; direct-fit FAB9™ housing or bolt-on axle brackets (for use with existing housing); urethane, pivot-ball, or billet pivot-ball suspension links; splined-end or sliding-link anti-roll bar.

Price: Starting at 1739.95


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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