GPS Rear 3 link pics coming soon!

GPS 3 link rear suspension


We have found what we think is a superior product to supply our customers made right here in the USA. Now available the new GPS strut kits, please ask. We have installed, driven and raced with the new GPS strut kits, rear 3 link suspension kits and their power rack kits. All work superbly and performed excellent. 

Info coming soon on our site

We are no longer dealers for the RRS products. Please contact them directly for any warranty issues or replacement parts.



At a Glance

- Extra long torque arm for better road control
- Bolt in construction
- Adjustable ride height
- Coil over shocks for 2-inch drop, 3 inch drop or 4 inch drop
- Quality chrome silicon steel springs


- Bolt in
- Will fit 15-inch rims and above
- Can increase Ford wheel offset to 5 -inch

- Use your existing axle
- May require exhaust adjustment
- 3-Link is not made to suit convertibles

Price: Please Call


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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