Rod Doors


Designer Door Panels for '64-1/2 - '68 Mustangs
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Pretrimmed Designer Door Panels with Built-In Arm Rests

All Mustang Door Panels designed by Sid Chavers

pre-trimmed door panels with built-in Arm Rests are made from the same tough, durable plastic as our other door panels. These precut panels come ready to be covered with your material and are easily installed; no clips or screws are necessary. ABS Plastic Panels are waterproof and attach easily with Dualloc Tape.

A door pull kit is required for the Rod Door's. Please choose from the selection here that best suits your interior needs. ABS Plastic, Polished, or Brushed finish Available.

Price: $189.95 pair + S&H



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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