22" Mega Cool Radiator Kit


'64-'70 Mustang/'64-'66 Ranchero/Falcon

Make any car cool with our all aluminum Mega cool radiator Kits. The cross flow design is far superior to the traditional down flow radiators found in stock Mustangs.

Our 22 radiator kits do not require any cutting and will fit in the stock radiator location.

      Lower Mounting plate w/ radiator mount locater

      Mega Cool cross flow radiator

      Upper mounting bracket

      Upper fan cover plate

      All fastening hardware

Overall Size: 22x19x3 Core Size: 18x18-3/4x2-1/4 Dual 1 Tubes

Price: $549.00 this product is discontinued. We may have additional 22" radiators as shown, but they are not in a kit form.

*Please specify your hose outlet location upon ordering. i.e Lower driver side/upper* passenger side.

*Radiator not designed for cars with auto trans, external trans cooler must be used.



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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