'64-'70 Mustang Hydroboost Brake Master Cylinder

  Hydroboost units are compact and fit where other units can't!  This unit is great for daily driver applications, requires no vacuum from the engine and runs off your stock power steering pump!  

When a vacuum assisted unit fails your brakes become very stiff and hard to engage often times worse than just a manual braking system.  When a hydro boost unit fails you have 2-3 more power assisted stops before you go to a manual pedal feel.  This type of system is really useful for a daily driver or even just your weekend warrior. Diagrams on how to run your lines can be found here.

  • Brand new booster

  • For any 2 wheel or 4 wheel disc brakes

  • No external vacuum pump required

  • Generates 1200 to 2000psi to the calipers

  • Powered by pressure from the Power Steering Pump

    Note: No steering pump is required

Price: $799.95



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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