Hydraulic Clutch Kit
Installation Instructions

'65-'70 Mustang, Cougar, Falcon and Fairlane
T-5, T-56, Tremec 3550/ TKO and Toploader 
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kits.

Purpose built master cylinder that mounts in the stock location of the clutch rod. 
Hydraulic Slave or Bearing that mounts to transmission!  No welding or cutting necessary!  Kit includes all mounting hardware, brackets, master cylinder, slave cylinder or hydraulic bearing, reservoir, stainless steel braided pressure line and firewall reinforcement plate.  Low pedal effort and  clutch chatter eliminated due to mechanical linkage!

First things first:

1. Place vehicle on approved jack stands or automotive hoist.

2. Using firewall reinforcement plate, draw up a master cylinder-mounting template.

3. Place template over firewall were the stock clutch rod goes through, mark the two mounting holes.

4. Drill the two mounting holes using a 21/64-drill bit.

5. Mount master cylinder to firewall, placing the reinforcement plate on the inside of the firewall.

6. There is a spacer bushing provided with the kit that should place the master cylinder rod in the correct position.  But the alignment of the master cylinder rod must be checked to make sure it is installed at the correct angle.  Not more than 1/8 inch up or down or side to side.  If this is not installed at the correct angle, damage to the master could result.

7. Make sure that the clutch rod hole in the clutch pedal is not worn out of round; if the hole is worn it will need to be repaired at this time.

8. Remove the large spring from pedal-to-pedal support, this spring is not used with this system.

9. Pull the clutch pedal back away from the firewall, adjust master cylinder rod so there is a 1/8" of free play. (If this is not set right you will not be able to bleed the system.)

10. Mount the reservoir to the firewall above the clutch master cylinder.

11. Run the hose from the reservoir to the clutch master cylinder, do not kink the hose.

12. Mount master cylinder rod to clutch pedal.

13. Mount the slave cylinder bracket to the transmission using the two stock tabs on the side. Place the bracket on the bottom of the two tabs.

14. Mount slave cylinder to bracket. Do not install slave rod at this time.

15. Run the stainless steel braided line from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder. 

16. Add Dot 3 fluid (with out silicone) to clutch reservoir.

17. Push slave piston in as far as you can, open bleeder screw on slave cylinder let it gravity bleed slowly into drip pan, once you have a steady flow of fluid close bleeder. (Do not rush this procedure.)

18. Push down on clutch pedal, push the slave piston in as far as you can, crack open bleeder screw check for air.

19. Install slave cylinder rod, adjust rod so that the bearing is touching the pressure plate with about 8lbs. of pressure.

20. Install return spring from slave bracket to clutch fork.

All the diagrams and installs on this website are for informational purposes only.
We recommend professional installation.

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