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We now have the NEW Mega cool III Auto Transmission transmission cooler radiator kits for your Mustang 1964-1970

Price: $1095.95

Introductory price: $995.95 (Mustang) Manual or auto cooler unit


New design with auto trans cooler
We now have the NEW Mega cool III Auto Transmission transmission cooler Radiator.


Make your Mustang/Falcon run mega cool with our all aluminum Mega Cool III Radiator Kit. Now with Powder coater black upper and side brackets (not pictured yet)

This kit is now the 3rd generation, each time improving the mounting and performance of this radiator. We use proprietary bracket system, which allows you to adjust the radiator fore and aft as well as up and down for alignment, even sideways.
The cross flow design is far superior to the traditional down flow radiators and other aftermarket radiators found in stock Mustangs. This kit was designed to clear the troublesome Ford water pump that prohibits many electric fan applications. Our fiberglass enclosed radiator shroud allows for channeled air cooling. Two 10" electric fans pull over 2400 cfm over the entire radiator core because of the fan shroud design.
These duel fans have been tested to pull very low amperage. Less than 12 amps on startup, for two fans combined. With the duel fans running they only pull around 7 amps continuous. This feature is very important as most fans will take more than double the amperage to run. Their quiet and smooth operation is a plus!

Installation is quick and easy. Unlike other radiator kits, our kit is designed for your car and then made for easy instillation with adjustability like no other kit on the market.
Mega cool kits have a custom fabricated look and bolt in after drilling a couple of holes, you will have to trim off the original radiator mounting brackets in the radiator core support to allow for the additional air flow needed for this kit. Our precision slotted flanges are welded to the lower tanks allowing the radiator to sit flush on your frame rails with simple adjustments to fit your car.

Our 26” radiator kits sometimes require the battery tray to be trimmed or removed from its stock location. A smaller battery may also be used when trimmed. Battery relocation kits are available at discounted price when purchased with our 26" Mega Cool III Radiator Kit.
We have driven and tested this radiator kit in just about every engine combination. Whether it be a stock or modified stroker engine, it has kept the engine “MEGA COOL”

Overall size: 26”x19”x3” Core Size: 22-3/8”x18-3/4”x2-1/4” Dual 1” tubes

Price: $1095.00

Introductory price: $995.95 (Mustang) Manual or auto cooler unit plus S&H
Shipping is $49.95 (oversized box) to most states not including Alaska and Hawaii.
Available options:
*Cooling Fan Relay and Sender Kit. $69.95 we will weld the bung in the radiator for free with this upgrade, you install and wire yourself.
*We will install and wire the kit for you for a Mega deal of $00.00 Just ask and we will do it for you FREE!




One set of special order 18x8 with 5" back space.

fits 64 1/2-1973 Mustang

CoupeR GT Polished


 Ready to ship.

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