Chassis Harness for '67-'68 Mustang


The Most Aftermarket-Ready Chassis Harness we have ever seen!

Wiring is always a pain, especially if you’re using cool aftermarket parts. Well, not anymore. American Autowire has finally taken the time to show our Mustang’s some love and developed the ultimate 67-68 Mustang Chassis harness. This harness has it all.
Price: $689.95




Most aftermarket Chassis harnesses are not equipped for aftermarket parts. THIS HARNESS SUPPORTS AFTERMARKET COMPONENTS. Some companies design chassis harnesses thinking that your going to put all of the same stock components back in the car and don’t equip there harness to handle the load. Most of the time, they don’t even include the components needed to run the Mustang switches. Ever receive a Chassis harness and wonder why it’s called a Mustang Harness and not a universal harness?

Most customers want to upgrade there Mustangs, not keep the same inferior 60’s components in the car. Autoworks knows that, and so does American Autowire. Check out a few of the things that this New Chassis harness features that others don’t:

  • Original Ford styled headlight switch connector

  • Headlight relays designed for high powered halogen or Xenon headlamp upgrades

  • Separate Relay for aftermarket or stock fog lamps

  • Correct ignition switch placement for use with your stock bezel and tumbler

  • Correct ignition switch connector

  • Turn signal flasher and hazard flasher mounted on fuse panel

  • New ATO fuse box that fits in the center of the firewall

  • Harness supports plug n play style aftermarket accessories

  • Supports Power Windows

  • Supports Power Door Locks

  • Supports Ac & Heat kits

  • Supports Gauge packs such as Autometer, Stewart Warner, Dakota Digital etc.

  • Instrument cluster “Cluster Disconnect”

  • Steering Column connectors supports Aftermarket columns such as IDIDIT

  • Supports under dash and dome lighting

  • Rear Chassis extension includes tail light sockets and fuel tank sender wire

  • Engine wiring includes feeds for coil, tach, water, temp, oil pressure, brake warning and electric speedo if needed.

  • Supports 1 wire alternators


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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