Autoworks International LLC started out as a shop for repairs and Custom fabrication on all Muscle cars. We love to go FAST.  As Classic Ford repair and Custom shops were hard to find, and even harder to get  quality workmanship  when you did find one,  we moved into our true love and concentrated solely on Fords and mostly Mustangs. Autoworks International LLC can do for you what most shops can not. We can design and build the car for you bumper to bumper,  From Mild to Wild and every thing in between. Simple Up-grades or full out custom.

Over the years Autoworks International LLC has been on TV with shows like Chop cut rebuild, many interviews for both TV and magazines, along with the install editorials in many magazines and online. The work we have done through the years has  been from outlandish custom Mustangs to the basic stock type builds.

As of late we have been consternating  on the development of the parts we have used in our builds to bring the same quality parts to your own build at home. Yes we have all parts for your Mustang but we pride ourselves in the specialty market to make your project a success the first time. All of the parts we sell have been used by us in the shop on a daily basis for many years, and have been tested and found to be the best we can sell to you, at any price.

Matt Couper has also made him self available to customers and build shops alike that have asked for the "Project management and Design Consultant" services.  We have found through this service customers have saved their valuable time and money by not buying or selecting parts that do not work together or don't perform as expected . Matt's knowledge and experience in the field of customizing and design has been proven through the years by Autoworks builds with attention to great detail and workmanship. 

You can order parts with complete confidence knowing you will get the parts to do the job
right the first time.  Most of the conversion parts ordered are assembled as per
order , this sometimes does not make for the fastest shipping, but does
insure the correct parts and a quality product.

WE ARE NOT SUMMIT OR JEG's BUT TRY ASKING THEM, how do you install a wheel tub kit?  

''Thank you for looking around our site and we look forward to
doing business with you!''

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