Xenon Headlamp Install
Example shown on '65-'66 Mustang

We think that the headlights are one of the thing that almost every one over looks when building a car, they want to go fast, stop fast, yea we can see how cool your
car looks in the day, but can you see any one else's vehicle at night with your dim
yellow lights?

Remove headlight door screws. Loosen  headlight ring screws, twist ring and pull out ring and headlight.
Unplug wiring from old headlight, discard old unit safely. Hold new XENON unit in place and plug the original wiring back in to
the 3 prongs.
Assemble the unit back in the reverse order of removal. XENON light installed looks great and much brighter lights for night driving

The XENON light has a slight blue tinge when lit, with a superior light output
to the original halogen type units.

For $79.95 you can make your way through the night with a
super bright set of XENON lights.

All the diagrams and installs on this website are for informational
purposes only. We recommend professional installation.


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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