Styled Wheel


For Classic '65-'73 and Late Model '94-'07 Mustangs

17” x 8” SS Style wheel which is a larger version of the 14” x 5” Styled Steel wheel originally offered as an option on 1965-1967 Mustangs. This is a chrome plated cast aluminum wheel with painted cove areas and stylized lug nuts. We can add your choice of red or black 1965-66 style or blue or black 1967 style center caps to suit your preference. This wheel truly captures the essence of the early Styled Steel wheels and is sure to change the look of any Mustang in such a way as can only be described as “extraordinary”. These wheels, like the 17 x 8 Ten Spokes are supplied with 4.75 inch backset for 1964-1973 Mustangs and 5.30 inch backset for the later models.

Price: $1395.00/set

Autoworks recommends BFG 225/45/17/90 and 215/50/17/91 tires on the 17/8's,  years - '65-'66



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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