Standard TKO 500/600 Conversion Kit


'64-'70 Mustang automatic to manual

Features & Benefits:

Ford - SS68 TKO 500 with 3.27, 1.97, 1.34, 1.00 and .68 gearset, 10 spline input, slipyolk and billet    shifter
31 Spline slip yoke for TKO, TKO 11, NASCAR toploader and C6 (1330 series U- joint)
Smallblock Ford  bellhousing for 3550 or T5, cable or early linkage
10.5 Ford diaphragm pressure plate
1 1/16 X 10 spline 10.5" 100 series disc-street performance
7/16" Flywheel bolts - Ford
Bolt set with flywheel dowels for 10.5 diaphragm pressure plates
Smallblock Ford roller pilot bearing
5.0 Cable style throwout bearing fork
Pivot stud - adjustable 2.317" for cable style fork - 1/2 NC
Hydraulic slave kit for 67-70 Mustang with 3550 ot TKO transmission with
cable style fork
67-70 Mustang 3550 and TKO crossmember and mount
Early style Ford rubber transmission mount
Hurst chrome shifter handle
Hurst white 5-speed classic knob
Hurst shifter boot-B4

Price: Starting at $3900.00



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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