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App:Turbo/Supercharged          Engines

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For Turbo/Supercharged Engines

S-Max Intercoolers have a patented integrated coil system that delivers better cooling for guaranteed horsepower. It is one of the first air-to-air intercoolers in the market to allow cooling of charge air without ambient air flow. Most systems that use cooling agents, like C02, spray the element on the surface of the core, dissipating much of it's cooling power. S-Max Intercoolers' coils are built inside the core freezing the whole unit from the inside out for better, long lasting cooling effect. The fin plus tubular design also allows for better CFM with little pressure drop, increasing the induction power of your turbocharger.

S-Max Intercoolers can be used with any cooling system, including our CO2 Kit, a Nitrous Oxide system or chilled water. We offer various configurations of core and inlet sizes and positions: from 20"x 10"x3.5" with 2.5" inlets, all the way to 24"x14"x4" with 3" inlets. Custom configurations are also available.

Please specify dimensions for custom applications. These intercoolers are not application specific, so we will need to know where the intercooler will be mounted, your preferred intercooler size, and desired horsepower so that we can help you determine the correct intercooler for your setup.


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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