RRS Rear Disc Brake kit


See vehicle application below


RRS Rear Brake Package kits are manufactured to bolt on without any modifications to STANDARD Ford 8 or 9 axle housings with bearings diameter of 2.835 single row bearings or standard Ford 2.835 double row bearings.

It is essential to check these requirements and specify when ordering that you have:
a) 2.835 single row bearing (narrow)
b) 2.835 double row bearing (wide)
If the axle housing has been modified, such as: - narrowed, fitted to a non factory application, has aftermarket axles fitted it is important to discuss these changes to the axle assembly with an Autoworks representative clearly to ensure that the RRS
rear brake kit will suit your application.

If you're going to have the good stuff up front you'll want the good stuff out back too. The RRS rear disc kit is a bolt on proposition that will allow you to use your original rear brake cables.

No need to modify your car to suit our brakes! Our kits are available to fit in nicely with your existing front brakes or with our asphalt kicking front strut and brake systems.

Please measure your axle using this guide before ordering.

Price: Starting at $999.95

At a Glance

Rear Kit 1 to suit Phase 1 and 2
- 11-inch/285ml. RRS molycarbide rotors
- Single piston PBR caliper
- All attaching hardware
- Banksia style park brake







Rear Kit 2 to suit Phase 3
- 12.5-inch/315ml. RRS molycarbide rotor
- Single piston PBR Flame calliper
- braided lines
- All attaching hardware

Mini 6 spot caliper upgrade available for Rear Disc Kit 2 -
see prices

Rear Kit 3 to suit Phase 4
- 13.2-inch/345ml. RRS molycarbide rotor
- mini RRS 6 spot caliper
- braided lines
- All attaching hardware
- Precision laser cut and C.N.C. machined parts
- Laser cut brackets
- Use your factory original emergency park brake cables
- Compatible with Ford 9" and 8" rear axle

Vehicle Application

Mustang 64 - 1973
Ranchero 1960 71
Torino 1968 71
Comet 1960 66
Cougar 1967 71
USA Falcon 1960 70
Australian Falcon 1960 87
USA Fairlane 1962 69
Australian Fairlane 1962 87
Maverick 1969 77
Meteor 1962 65
Montego 1968 - 71

Price: Starting at $999.95



Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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