This RRS manual rack install was performed on Brian's 66Mustang Fastback.

Remove you old steering Remove your old steering column, then remove your old steering box.
This kit comer with a great install book complete with pictures, be sure to read all instructions before you start.
Cut approx 5" from the bottom of your column housing.

Install the new RRS shaft support bearing in the bottom
of the column.

Remove your old upper shaft bearing. Remove the inner bearing from the outer race.
Install the outer race back into your in the column.

bearing installed.

Install the new RRS steering shaft into your column housing. Be sure to install all hardware you removed, including the bearing retainer, turn sig. switch etc.

Top of column complete.

Slide the lower shaft into the bottom of the column.

Install and test fit the center shaft with lower joint.


All the diagrams and installs on this website are for informational purposes only. We recommend professional installation.

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