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GPS Power Steering Rack
'64-'70 Mustang


We have found what we think is a superior product to supply our customers made right here in the USA. Now available the new GPS strut kits, please ask. We have installed, driven and raced with the new GPS strut kits, rear 3 link suspension kits and their power rack kits. All work superbly and performed excellent. 

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We are no longer dealers for the RRS products. Please contact them directly for any warranty issues or replacement parts.


1964-1970 Mustang

1967-1970 Cougar

1962-1969 Fairlane

1962-1965 Meteor

1960-1967 Comet

1960-1971 Falcon

68-71 Torino

1966-1971 Montego

Call for applications not listed, all applications above may not be available

Available in either a Power or manual form, GPS has made the rack and pinion conversion easy. Both manual and power units are true bolt-ins, and the power rack can even be used with your stock power steering pump or KRC pump! The GPS Power Steering rack offers less degrees of bump steer.

Bump Steer can be the result or poor suspension geometry, which is inherent in classic Fords. Every time you hit a pothole or irregularity in the road that may cause the steering to wander, thatís bump steer. This can be extremely hazardous at high speeds, and very frustrating at lower speeds.

When switching to a rack & pinion conversion, itís important that the rack you purchase helps rectify the poor suspension geometry. Some racks donít fix the old failed issues and just re-wrap those issues in a new pretty package; so itís important that you understand the differences in racks.

GPS doesnít provide just another pretty package, it works too! It works so well that you can find rack conversions in the Obsidian SG-One, Super CoupeR, Phantom DSC II, and many others.

Bolt in Installation
Can utilize original power steering pump
Clears most shorty & TriY header applications

  • Simple bolt in construction
  • Uses only top quality components from   trusted US  manufacturers
  • Optional braided stainless hoses available for all racks

Power Rack
Starting at Please call

             Pics coming soon!

Manual Rack
Price: Starting at Please call




Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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