'63-'74 Ford/Mercury
Dual Brake Master Cylinder


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This CNC Dual Master Cylinder is a direct bolt on for most non-power brake Ford and Mercury cars from '63-'74

  • This unit does not require the use of a proportioning valve.
  • Brake bias is adjusted with Master Cylinder balance bar.
  • Increased pedal feel with less effort (The general consensus of the CNC cylinders is that the pedal effort would be generally less than manual brakes but require a little more effort than power brakes)
  • Eliminates the need for power brakes.
  • A separate Master Cylinder for front and rear.
  • CNC Dual Master Cylinder is Available for 
    Drum or Disc.
  • Cylinder size 3/4" for disc brakes
  • Cylinder size 7/8" for drum brakes
    (Example your car has disc on the front and drum on the rear, you would need a 3/4" cylinder for front, and 7/8" for rear.)
  • You will need a Residual Valve for front only cylinder connected to disc brakes. $29.95 each. 

    (4 wheel disc brakes needs 1 residual valves front only)

Price:  $369.95




Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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