Powerjection 1 System


You are about to experience the most exciting aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) advancement to date!


The Powerjection System 1 is the most exiting aftermarket (electronic fuel injection) advancement to date!
The Powerjection System was designed with practically identical dimensions as a double pumper carb and can be installed in minutes!

• The height is identical
• The length is identical
• The linkage is identical
• Your air cleaner size and location is identical
• And most importantly your Ram Air or “Shaker” style factory scoop won’t have to be moved or cut up to fit.
• Your engine compartment will retain that clean look of vintage muscle with just enough style to warn your competitors.

Powerjection System comes complete with:

• Exclusive billet throttle body

• Stage II Engine Management System (EMS) with adaptive learning and Pulse
Width Modulation (PWM) fuel system capabilities. Programmable Spark and target air fuel ratio

• Smart-Tune Technology (STT) “ Dashboard” Software

• Wideband O2 and bung included

• 1 bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor

• Dual quad 2x4 systems available

• Complete sensor pack and gaskets

• Custom 1:1, medium progressive (40% primary before secondary opens)
and super progressive (60% primary before secondary opens) linkage arms


- Idle air control
- PWM fuel system with return regulated fuel system
- 2 and 3 Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors for up to 30psi. of boost

750 CFM Billet - Machined Finish / Returnless Fuel System $2,620.00
750 CFM Billet - Polished Finish / Returnless Fuel System $2,830.00
750 CFM Die Cast - Polished Finish / No Fuel System $2,105.00
1200 CFM Billet - Machined Finish / No Fuel System $2,725.00

Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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