M-66 Mustang Deck Lid and End Caps


For '65-'66 Mustang Coupes and Convertibles


The '65-'66 Mustang Kit that fits.

Our new Autoworks M-66 Spoiler deck lid Kit is finally here!
This deck lid kit is part of our long awaited Autoworks body kit and can now be purchased. Our deck lids are hand laid and designed to fit with the least amount of body work possible.

Most after market fiberglass deck lids just donít fit.
We know, weíve had many of them come through our hands and have required over 30 hrs of body work in order to even get them close to passable. The reason for this is simple. Some of these manufactures make there mold off of another fiberglass part.

When they make a mold off another piece of fiberglass, the heat causes the original fiberglass deck lid to warp, in turn, the mold is warped, and that poor quality is handed down to you the consumer when they pull your new deck lid out of itís mold.

We molded ours off of an original Steel Deck lid. Then, refined the mold again. We spent many hours to insure that our deck lid and corner caps fit better than the competition period. It doesnít flex, isnít warped, and it fits! Quality and cheap pricing do not go together. We even season our parts by exposing them to heat and cold to make sure there are no issues with the part before it is shipped to you. We do not know any other company that does that!

Order NOW!  New, light weight race version available.

                  Standard weight street deck lid and end caps

Prices starting at $599.00 for race version





Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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