5.0 Wiring Harness


For any '86 thru '95 5.0 EFI conversions

For 1986-95 5.0L EFI Engine Conversions on Street Rods, Kit Cars, Trucks and Passenger Cars. These parts are what you need for your conversion in your classic Mustang or Ford. If you have any questions regarding your conversion or parts you need, always remember we are here to help. We can install reliability and performance into your Mustang or Ford. Fuel Injection is by far the best way to go. A good guide line for you to work by is that your job will take twice the amount of time you thought and double what you wonted to spend, this will get you somewhere close to your dream. But remember it's all worth it once it is done.

Price: $695.00


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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